Garbage to Garden! Composting made easy!





There is a lot of talk these days about composting. Nature’s way of fertilizing using food scrapes and paper products can be a time consuming process if you are starting from scratch. If you are able to create your own compost pile, fantastic! Green it up! But if you are not, allow us to introduce you to the fantastic folks at Garbage to Garden! Maine’s ONLY curbside composting! “We bring all of your food waste to Benson Farm in Gorham, one of the largest composting operation in the state, where it is professionally composted and certified organic by MOFGA”-GTG

Garbage to Garden (GTG),who just celebrated their two year anniversary, has been able to compost 4 MILLION TONS of compostable matter! Picture that for a moment! That would fill up more space than your brain can imagine and thanks to GTG that 4 million tons will never sit in a landfill! Instead it will be delivered back to you in a form that is not only great for your lawn and garden, but also an organic material that returns nutrients to the ground where it came from in the first place! You can almost hear Elton John singing “The Circle of Life”! This is most impressive and we are so fortunate to have them!

Before, it was compost.


“I Chuck It IN the BUCKET!”

So what goes into the bucket you ask? Organic Matter Only!. This means no plastic, no metal, no chemicals. This leaves all food scraps; veggies that have turned, left overs, dinner scraps, chicken fat, fruit and veggie peels, onion and garlic skins, grass clippings and the list goes on and on! Because GTG composts on such a large scale, they can take meat and bones which are not recommended for composting at home! The less compostable waste we put into landfills, keeps our carbon footprint lower and feeds the Earth! And let’s face it WE NEED EARTH!

One of those coolest things about these folks is that you get back what you put in. Each week, customers are able to request compost drop off. Through their website, you can submit a request for up to 4 weeks of compost to be delivered to your home at the time of your curbside pickup. How cool is that? And let me tell you, this compost has made all the difference in my flower garden that is very close to the road. There is life there by way of worms and beautiful vibrant flowers exploding with blooms and attracting those lovely honey bees! The finished product that is delivered is pure gold! Dark, rich, odorless gold to be spread to throughout your property and bring natural, organic life to your garden! Use compost as your fertilizer and reap the benefits of this magic!    gtg

Possibly the best thing, in my opionion, is the GTG volunteer program. There are so many volunteering opportunities available to us! From hanging out at Riverbank Park in Westbrook at their table during The Maine Market on Saturdays, to bagging compost at their Riverside Street location, volunteers are able to earn free service! Yep, that’s right! Volunteers can participate in any one of the numerous volunteer opportunities and earn a free month of service. If you volunteer once a month, you could potentially never pay for this service with physical dollars and you will be helping the community with whatever volunteer option you choose! It’s a win for everyone!

To become a part of GTG or to see a list of the volunteering options available, check out their website at and see if they are in your area!

Doing your part just makes you feel good! Thank you Garbage to Garden for your hard work and your commitment to the community, the environment, and Maine! We love you!


(all photos from GTG Facebook page! Check them out)