Week of March 5, 2017

Howdy, Mainahs!

This weather is way too nice for you to be reading emails! Quick make your subs and go out and play!!!!!

Recipe Of The Week: Lemon Garlic Brussels

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Keep On Moroccan Me, BabY! – Sam Rispoli



Moroccan Me


Do you get kind of excited and nervous when this word is in front of a recipe claiming to “rid the body” of toxins?

“Feel more energized!”
“Clean up your system!”
“Jump start your metabolism!”

I won’t lie. I almost called this a recipe a Detox Salad. I know the word ”detox” is a buzz word often employed as a means of grabbing your attention and implying quick results.

Detox wants you to think she is a magical word that when placed in front of a seemingly healthy meal or drink, it melts weight magically and cleanses your body of last night’s pint of ice cream and this morning’s breakfast sandwich. Oh sister detox, forgive us now and at the hour of our mozzarella sticks. Amen.

Detox is a lying tramp.

Want the truth? The truth is that your body will naturally filter out toxins through your liver, kidneys and skin. They are always doing this job because your body wants to be balanced, and in order to be balanced, all these organs function simultaneously. You don’t even have to THINK about it!

Now… don’t be confused. Just because your body will detox itself naturally does NOT mean you should still make poor diet choices. A great many food products are made with toxic chemicals and preservatives that can make your precious organs work OVERTIME to filter out the junk.

This can confuse your body. It’s like “Oh cool, thanks for feeding me this food! Oh…wait…is this food? What is this? Can I use any of this for energy? No? WTF is this? WTF IS A SLURPEE? What am I supposed to do with this?”



Copyright Bill Watterson, 1989



And if you are stressed and time crunched and keep ingesting weird non-nourishing food items then your body is forced to try and convert them to energy. The problem is these products can be more toxic than energizing. So it backs up the system when trying to get filtered.

Well….you can start by eating more vegetables on a daily basis. Starting with this Moroccan spiced Carrot Salad! I was going to call it a Detox Salad was because I used Casco Bay Organics’ carrots, which contain Vitamin A, known for assisting the liver in flushing out toxins. I also used some Chioggia beets, which are also popular for their cleansing properties. This duo can help un-gunk your pipes naturally on the inside and support healthy, glowing skin on the outside. I fancied these fabulous organic veggies up with some garam masala spice, cumin and cinnamon for an interesting spicy-but-not-hot-spicy/sweet mix.

Moroccan Spiced Carrot Salad

1 lb organic carrots, shredded
1 organic Chioggia beet, shredded
¼ cup olive oil
Squeeze of fresh lemon juice
1 package Eden’s Organics apple juice infused dried cranberries
½ Tablespoon cumin powder
3 teaspoons garam masala spice
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
¼ teaspoon Himalayan pink salt

moroccan spiced carrot salad


Shred carrots and beets in food processor or grate over box grater. Pour on olive oil and lemon juice and toss with spices and cranberries.





Sam is a Holistic Health Coach with a passion for feeding the masses with nourishing, delicious meals using REAL FOOD. She enjoys spending time in her laboratory/kitchen and delighting people with her inventive fare and witty commentary. She believes in inspiring others to find their own personal path to health and wellness. You can find her on instagram @NourishingNomsWithSam






A couple juicing recipes for you on this fine Tuesday!  I LOVE juicing, but can sometimes get a little bored with my regulars.  Here are a couple for your juicing enjoyment!  Have fun with this!


V-8ish Juice

¼  water

2 Tomatoes

1-2 Cloves of garlic

1 handful of Spinach

2 Carrots

¼ Sweet Onion

2 Celery Stalks

2 tsp. Lemon Juice

1-2 shots of an organic hot sauce (optional)



Later Heartburn

1 cup Spinach

6 Carrots



Sweet Green Juice

Mother Nature’s Energy Drink!  Add kale and parsley first.  Then add Romaine, Cuke, Celery and Apple (for sweetening)

2 cups Kale

2 cups Parsley

3 cups Romaine

1 Cucumber

3 Celery stalks

1 Apple



A quick note about Parsley:

Parsley is LOADED with antioxidants and is a natural diuretic! Parsley aides in kidney function will help rid your kidney of stones, can even help with urinary tract infections, and inflammation in the body! Do you have stiff fingers or joints?  Inflammation too? Try a Parsley Tea for relief from these conditions! Parsley also calms the nerves!  


Parsley Tea

Large handful of Parsley to one pint of boiling water

Allow tea to steep in a glass container (I like mason jars) for at least a 1/2 hour and then drink throughout the day!


Tropical Fruit Juice

Need a little sunshiny umbrella drink in your life?  Try this for a power punch of beta-carotene which your body will convert to vitamin A.  This means healthy hair, clear eyes, and healthy skin! A spa treatment in a glass!

1 Orange

½ Mango

1 Slice Fresh Pineapple

1 Slice Watermelon

5 Strawberries

*Make sure you remove all peels and seeds before you juice these goodies.  You don’t want anything messing up your tropical fantasy!



Calcium Juice

½ Broccoli

3 Carrots

1 Apple

Small Handful of fresh Parsley (there’s that wonder herb again)

½ Lemon, peeled and seeds removed



Potassium Juice

4 Carrots

1 Celery stalk

1 Apple

Handful of fresh Parsley J

Handful of Spinach

½ Lemon peeled and seeds removed




Fresh Goat's Milk from Harmony Farm-Madison, NH

Have you ever had fresh goats milk? I had never tried goats milk until I had the pleasure of visiting a brand new farm in Madison, NH last week. Sharon Laitinen- Dembinski ; RN, NP, former Corporate Executive for a company that ran 18 addiction treatment facilities in five states now adds farmer to her already impressive resume. Sharon raises Nubian goats for meat and dairy on Harmony Farm in Madison, New Hampshire. Sharing the farm with John, her high school sweetheart and husband of over 30 years, their three adopted children; Alex, Noah, and Jesse, and four dogs! Sharon and John also have two grown children, Sarah and Tony, who have children of their own making Sharon and John grandparents three times. I asked Sharon what made her decide to leave the corporate world to become a farmer and she replied, “I want to know where my children are, and where my food comes from…I want to feel part of the cycle of life and sustenance. My 16 year old son watched the documentary ‘Food Inc. 2 years ago and insisted I watch it with him after he watched it once alone. I was shocked. Why didn’t I know how big food industries treat animals? And now that I knew how could I keep eating that food?!”
Upon arrival we were greeted by two male goats, Atticus and Hercules. The bucks were mowing the lawn and they stopped and looked at us as if to say, “Oh hey! Hi!” Sharon welcomed us with a smile and she brought us into the house. Inside we were met by a very sweet Black Lab named Bruno and an 8 week old Old English Sheep Dog named Cleo. A little fur ball of a Jack Russell was also in the mix, being very polite and waiting his turn to say hello. “My favorite part of being a farmer is going to sound sappy, but I just love feeling so close to the natural world. I’ve always loved animals- any kind of animal- but farm animals especially. My grandparents had a farm and I spent many blissful days there. About 10 years ago I started dreaming of living in a rural area and raising farm animals.”

Sharon gave us the tour of the 120 year old farmhouse the family recently purchased and is restoring. Handmade shelving and vibrant colors help to show Sharon’s personality in the home while balancing perfectly with the craftsmanship of the original architecture. Moving on to the kitchen, we see cheese making books laying on the beautiful old wooden table. Hanging from a rack of pots and pans was a freshly made ball of chevre cheese draining into a bucket; at the kitchen sink were clean milk bottles used this morning for the 7am milking. We were given a quick tutorial as to what each piece of milking equipment was and then we headed outside to meet the girl


The barn was cozy and clean smelling of fresh hay and grain. Sharon prides herself on keeping a clean barn and we were thoroughly impressed. The girls; Wicked- due to kid May 12,a first time freshener, Lexie- due to kid May 18th, Hiku- due to kid May 10th, Tata and Tiana produce close to a gal of yummy milk a day, Chicklet, a first time freshener, produces about 1/2 gal of milk a day. Freshening refers to the first time a goat produces milk. This can be a very tough training period. Teaching your girl to get up on the stand, get off the stand, and be milked can frustrate the lady and you! We can’t forget to give a shout out to Cheekie! Cheekie, AKA Sausage, was unable to produce and therefore went off to the butcher to further help sustain the Dembinski clan and their homestead.

After meeting and learning about each of the goats Sharon herded us inside the spacious pen and shut the gate. Here, both Jillian and I turned into little kids. Surrounded by these majestic Nubian beauties, we were nibbled and kissed. TaTa, the smallest of them all, took a liking to me immediately and me to her. She jumped on me much like an excited pup and followed me around the enclosure nibbling my arms and fingers. Jillian was having her own selfie party with some of the other girls and having lots of fun getting smooched by these super personable animals. Another lovely lady named Lexi, pregnant with triplets and as big as a house, showed affection to us and was more than happy to let us feel her very pregnant belly. She seemed to love it. 267 266

After the meet and greet, Jillian and I got the opportunity to milk one of the ladies. Sharon showed us how she did it and explained that her daily milking schedule is 7am and 7pm. We were both a little nervous, but excited. And wouldn’t you know, we both did it perfectly!
GO US!!! 252

After the milking, we said goodbye to those lovely ladies and made our way back to the house. We chatted with Sharon about life and about the babies that were soon to come. We also learned that Sharon will be getting her first piglets in a few weeks and chickens are in the works as well, free range that is.
Cheese, milk, pretty ladies and a pack of dogs; really, what more could you want? Farm life. Sharon makes it look very easy to be a farmer but we could see that wasn’t the case. In addition to raising 3 boys and restoring her home, she has a daily chore list that far exceeds the 8 hours of conventional employment we are all used to. Hat’s off to your farmers. Hug them. They feed you:)

I would like to say a very special thank you to Sharon Dembinski, her family, and her farm for allowing us to crash their homestead and glimpse into the world of dairy farming. Thank you, also, to all those cutie patootie Nubian Princes and Princesses for cuddling our brains off! We so look forward to updates and another visit to watch them all grow!



Beth Bouthot

Rainy Days & Blue Potatoes

Happy Tuesday Friends!

Rainy days lately, huh? It hasn’t stopped me from getting outside and I hope it hasn’t stopped you either. I live on Sebago Lake and spend part of most of my day on my stand up paddleboard. WEEEEEELLLLL let me tell ya. I think I’m the first person this year to have actually swam in the lake. That’s right. The wind picked up when I was being daring and trying to “surf” and I fell in! Right over my head. It was chilly. And hilarous. At least according to my handsome partner and that pesky pug of mine:)

Ok, enough about me…let me tell you what you really wanna know. What kinda super duper awesome sauce produce will you be getting this week!??!?!?! You asked and I delivered. I bugged Mr. Richardson and we have more  FIDDLEHEADS! We also have some delicious Dill and Cilantro from our friends at Village Farm in Freedom, ME and All Blue Potatoes from the darlings at Green Earth Gardens. I, for one, can’t wait to see the beautiful heads of Escarole or chow down on some English Peas! We have Crimini Mushrooms for sale too! Go check it out.. I don’t wanna tell you everything!!! Go log into your accounts and switch and flip and flop and sub until you’re happy.

I’m going fishing now! You have a great day!

Be Happy,


P. S. Thank you all for posting all those amazing pictures and comments and ideas all over our facebook. Keep em coming!



Second Month of Deliveries and our Secret Maine Item of the Week

Holy Moly, Mainers!

What a trip this order has been! I won’t bore you with all the exciting details, I’ll keep it short and tell you that your order is ready! We have so many great items this week. I’m super stoked and proud to feature Wild Maine Fiddleheads as our Wild Maine Item Of The Week. We also have Mesclun, Asparagus, Basil, Pineapple, Raddish, White Button Mushrooms and more!

Maine Organic Produce DeliveryOk, ok, I won’t keep you! Go log in and flip, switch, swap, and sub. Remember the Maine growing season has just started so the variety that we will have in the upcoming weeks will be HUGE!

Oh wait! One more thing. Can I take one second and thank each and every one of you for helping my dream come true. CBO is entering the second month of deliveries and I’m so grateful to all of you. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

Oh geez, I’m blabbering. Sorry, and thanks, oh man I can’t stop!


Be Happy,


p.s. because the menu came out so late, please email me if you have any trouble making subs and I’ll take care of it for you. <3

Celebrate Earth Day at Casco Bay Organics Spring Dug Carrots

Happy Earth Day Mainers!

I hope this email finds you all in great spirits! I, for one, am pretty darn excited about this beautiful weather we have been having. You know, I’ve been an east coaster my entire life and I still get blown away every. single. year. I can never believe how cold it gets, or how long it takes for spring to get here, and man…what about how hot it gets in the summer?! Still surprised. Every time. And I like getting excited about surprised just like you (hopefully) get excited about this week’s menu! So here’s the breakdown:

*BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND* we have some delicious spring dug carrots from that cutie patootie Farmer Ben over at Life Force Farm, Russet Potato’s from our pals at Nature’s Circle, and our greens are coming to us from Flying Pond Farm in Vienna, ME. Psssssttt…we also have CRIMINI MUSHROOMS!!! Yahoo! There is more, so log into your accounts and check it out. Flip, switch, swap, and sub and get psyched! Don’t be shy about telling us what you’re cooking up these days. Visit us on facebook! Tell us you love us on Yelp! Send me questions, suggestions, or youtube videos at justpeachy@cascobayorganics.com. Enjoy your menus, my friends. I enjoyed making it.


Be Happy,


Newsletter Update- Freedom Farm and Patriot Day

Happy Monday Mainers!

What’s today? Today is Patriot’s Day…today is tax day…today is the DAY YOU GET YOUR PRODUCE MENU!

Today also happens to have a black cloud looming over our fruits and veggies. The tragic events that took place in Boston this afternoon have sullied my normal super pumped up self. Holy Cow!!Did you know I am from The Commonwealth? Did you know Maine used to be part of Massachusetts? Grrrrr…in such a rough and sad world we should probably take more than a minute to appreciate how grateful we are for what we have and who we love (insert lots of moments of silence here).

Now let me tell you what you have…in your box…this week! We are featuring Spring Dug Parsnips from Freedom Farm (FARM CRUSH OF THE WEEK), delicious Mizuna Lettuce from our friends over at Sunset Farms, and Copra Onions from Nature’s Circle. But that’s not all. Go log in and see what you got. Flip, switch,swap, sub…make it YOUR box.

But, hey…do me a favor. Hug your family and friends tonight…and ALWAYS.

Be Happy,