Rainy Days & Blue Potatoes

Happy Tuesday Friends!

Rainy days lately, huh? It hasn’t stopped me from getting outside and I hope it hasn’t stopped you either. I live on Sebago Lake and spend part of most of my day on my stand up paddleboard. WEEEEEELLLLL let me tell ya. I think I’m the first person this year to have actually swam in the lake. That’s right. The wind picked up when I was being daring and trying to “surf” and I fell in! Right over my head. It was chilly. And hilarous. At least according to my handsome partner and that pesky pug of mine:)

Ok, enough about me…let me tell you what you really wanna know. What kinda super duper awesome sauce produce will you be getting this week!??!?!?! You asked and I delivered. I bugged Mr. Richardson and we have more  FIDDLEHEADS! We also have some delicious Dill and Cilantro from our friends at Village Farm in Freedom, ME and All Blue Potatoes from the darlings at Green Earth Gardens. I, for one, can’t wait to see the beautiful heads of Escarole or chow down on some English Peas! We have Crimini Mushrooms for sale too! Go check it out.. I don’t wanna tell you everything!!! Go log into your accounts and switch and flip and flop and sub until you’re happy.

I’m going fishing now! You have a great day!

Be Happy,


P. S. Thank you all for posting all those amazing pictures and comments and ideas all over our facebook. Keep em coming!



RAMPS Up in Maine and Your Weekly News Update From Casco Bay Organics

organic-produce-box2Brrrrr Mainers!

Holy Spring Chill! I hope this email finds you warm and hungry:) Just to let you know, since our growing season is now upon us I am receiving updated emails almost daily with new fresh and local organic items so emails will be either on Monday or Tuesday from now on.


Emery FarmOk….ready? Here we go! Our Wild Maine Feature Of The Week is RAMPS! Foraged organically from our buddy Mr. Richardson and his pals up in Houlton, ME. I am also psyched about the Hakurei Salad Turnips from One Drop Farm and double super duper pumped about Bok Choy from our new farm crush, Emery Farm! The rockin Spinach will be from the amazing Flying Pond Farm and some tasty Chives from Freedom Farm. Oh! We have RHUBARB! And back by popular demand are those delicious Minneola Oranges. That little pug dog that whispers(snorts) in my ear occasionally also mentioned Graffiti Eggplants will be hiding in our boxes of organic awesomeness also! What a hun! There is more but before you go check…….


rampsSince our Wild Maine Foraged Feature season is so short please don’t hesitate if you would like more fiddleheads, ramps, or even next weeks special…cough cough NETTLES ahem ahem. Shhhhhhh it’s a surprise. So let me know if you all are interested. I’m trying to keep the boxes interesting and exciting and different…but darn those fiddleheads were amazing. I grilled them, I sauteed them, I even steamed them and added them to a salad.

Ok, though I looooooove chatting with you all, I will leave you to go play with your orders. Don’t forget to post pictures of what your cooking on our facebook, confess your undying love for us on  yelp, or email me questions or even cute puppy pictures.

Have a great day!

Be Happy,


Second Month of Deliveries and our Secret Maine Item of the Week

Holy Moly, Mainers!

What a trip this order has been! I won’t bore you with all the exciting details, I’ll keep it short and tell you that your order is ready! We have so many great items this week. I’m super stoked and proud to feature Wild Maine Fiddleheads as our Wild Maine Item Of The Week. We also have Mesclun, Asparagus, Basil, Pineapple, Raddish, White Button Mushrooms and more!

Maine Organic Produce DeliveryOk, ok, I won’t keep you! Go log in and flip, switch, swap, and sub. Remember the Maine growing season has just started so the variety that we will have in the upcoming weeks will be HUGE!

Oh wait! One more thing. Can I take one second and thank each and every one of you for helping my dream come true. CBO is entering the second month of deliveries and I’m so grateful to all of you. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

Oh geez, I’m blabbering. Sorry, and thanks, oh man I can’t stop!


Be Happy,


p.s. because the menu came out so late, please email me if you have any trouble making subs and I’ll take care of it for you. <3